We Provide Integrated Cross-Border Solutions

We provide solutions for clients with assets on both sides of the border. Whether you are moving across the border or inheriting assets, you can simplify your investments and accounts to better manage risk while minimizing cross-border issues with our integrated solutions.

Beacon Hill Wealth Management is a team of wealth advisors with experience specifically in cross-border investment management. We focus first on understanding, then on finding solutions to manage and simplify your family’s financial life.


We Help In Simplifying
Your Life

Cross-Border Tax and Estate Planning

With significant experience in the U.S., Canada and Europe, we understand firsthand the challenges that cross-border clients face because we have faced them ourselves. We offer an integrated solution to help bridge the 49th parallel and simplify your life.

Financial Planning

Whether your goal is retirement, funding your children’s education, or passing your wealth to the next generation, you need a plan. Financial planning is the cornerstone of a successful investment experience. We help you identify your goals, and chart a course.

Investment Management

We design global portfolios using index based solutions. This allows clients to keep more of their return while minimizing taxes. Our belief in keeping it simple and focusing on what you can control guides our investment process.

Cross-Border Tax and Estate Planning

It’s not what you make but what you keep that matters. We focus on maximizing after-tax returns and keeping as much as possible for your estate. We will work with your existing team of tax and estate professionals, or help you create one, regardless of what side of the border you are on.


What Do People Say
About Us?

I highly recommend Beacon Hill...

“Arranged an initial call with Chris Stooksbury who was fully engaged throughout the entire call; a good listener, caring and supportive individual that has deep expertise when it comes to cross border moves, tax implications on your assets let it be stocks, real estate, cash and anything else that comes to mind.

I highly recommend Beacon Hill to anyone who has similar needs, ask for Chris and you will be in good hands.”

Sezgi Kocak Sezgi Kocak
Really grateful to Chris...

“Really grateful to Chris for taking the time to meet with me and provide guidance on the best path forward for my investments as I move from the US to Canada. As someone who has done the process himself he had a wealth of knowledge of things to look out for. A really positive experience.”

Brian Walsh Brian Walsh
He gave me the confidence I needed...

“I had a quick consultation with Chris Stooksbury regarding my cross border investments. As a dual citizen residing in the US but with a foothold in Canada, he was extremely knowledgable and provided me with some fast yet thoughtful advice about how to structure things and look to the future. He gave me the confidence I needed to know I was being smart about my financial situation now and for the future. If I ever permanently relocate back to Canada he will be my first call. I highly recommend reaching out if you have questions in this space.”

Sara Perry Sara Perry

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J. Maidens Partner - Hutcheson & Co

“Chris Stooksbury is incredibly knowledgeable about cross-border investment and tax matters and was very helpful providing advice on a planned move from the USA to Canada. If you are considering a move up north, I would highly recommend seeking his advice on managing your assets.”